2015 Southern Blacksmith Association Conference
May 14-16, 2015
Madison, GA




The 17th bi-annual 2015 Southeastern Blacksmith Association (SBA) Conference will be held at the Lion’s Club Fair Grounds in Madison, Georgia, Thursday May 13th through Sunday May 17th, 2015.

Our 2015 demonstrator lineup is outstanding! Come see “The Wizard” himself, Peter Ross, internationally recognized Master Bladesmith, Jason Knight, applied draft horse shoeing with Billy Ridgill, and large scale forgings for public sculpture with Michael Dillon and his massive power hammers!

Other conference events include Green Coal and Cold Coal classes, family programs, the Local Talent Forge, Iron in the Hat, forge and tool box raffles, a variety of vendors, our Friday night Banquet, Auction, and Forging Competition – plus other surprise events along the way! Camping is encouraged, and plenty amenities are provided just a stone’s throw away in Madison, Georgia.

The Ocmulgee Blacksmiths Guild of Georgia is hosting this four day homecoming event. The conference theme explores the language of metalwork (what we call blacksmithisms) that our society uses in everyday speech. “Get on the horn! Catch my drift? Everyone speaks smith!” celebrates the timeless influence of the blacksmith’s dedication, art, language, and expertise.

These blacksmithisms have been compiled into what we call The Blacklist. This list will be unveiled at the 2015 SBA Conference and will be of use to all who teach other smiths, demonstrate for and educate the public about the trade. This list will act as an evolving, free tool that can be taken and mailed! anywhere and used to easily communicate to non-smiths that they already, unknowingly, use blacksmithing vocabulary!

The 2015 theme was chosen in celebration of Ivan Bailey, one of the founders of ABANA at the first Westville conference, who passed on September 9th of 2013. He was an immeasurable proponent of teaching – not only to future smiths – but by educating the public to appreciate our trade and ultimately to turn them into future clients. His willingness to relentlessly engage the public and openly teach techniques to other metalsmiths sets an example for all of us to follow!